Wish List

“A penny saved is a penny earned!”

Poor Richard’s Almanack, Benjamin Franklin
Poor Richard's Almanack

We share the values of thrift and frugality promoted by our neighbor twelve miles to the east and three centuries in the past, Benjamin Franklin. As needs arise, we will post to this page a list of items that we could use at the Minshall House or for traveling exhibits or events. Let us know if you have something you can donate.

Can you spare . . .

Printer paper?

Cosy chairs? The Minhsall House is well suited for small gatherings, perhaps a book club, writers’ group, or knitting circle. To help make our guests comfortable, we are looking for a few chairs from different 19th- and 20th-century periods, so they can double as a display of changing styles in furnishings. Space is at a premium, so think over-stuffed rather than over-sized.

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