Mission and Vision

Our Mission Statement

The Media Historical Society bridges the gap between history and the present. By interpreting local history in relevant, compelling ways, by offering engaging programs for diverse audiences, and by collaborating with other organizations, MHS inspires appreciation of our community’s history and commitment to its future.

Our Vision for the Future

  • MHS will be seen as the “cornerstone” of our community. Active participation in community events and collaborative projects will link other organizations through an appreciation of our common local history.
  • MHS will be known and respected in the community of local history organizations. MHS will earn AASLH Bronze Level certification (StEPs Basic).
  • MHS will be a valued educational resource for public schools, private schools, and home schools in our area.
  • MHS will have a Speakers’ Bureau to present programs on a variety of history-related topics to diverse audiences.
  • MHS will house a permanent exhibit designed to be flexible and to evolve over time – a timeline of local history from the early days of colonization to the recent past.
  • MHS will have a Member/Donor/Volunteer Program of committed supporters.
  • MHS will produce a quarterly newsletter for members, donors, volunteers and other interested parties.
  • MHS will engage the community through the use of social media.
  • The MHS website will display an interactive version of its local history timeline and links to other local history websites and resources. The MHS website will include a private collaboration portal.
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