Holiday Open House 2018

The Minshall House, all decked out for the holiday season, opened its doors on Saturday afternoon, December 1, 2018, to the Media community. Many families came to see the decorations made by 4th-grade art students at Media Elementary School and to meet MHS’s special guest, SANTA CLAUS.

As a special treat, photographer Paul Indorf, snapped and printed portrait photos on the spot for our guests to keep as souvenirs. Refreshments included wassail and Philadelphia jumbles, made from colonial-era recipes.

The children’s decorations were inspired by Pennsylvania German hex signs and demonstrated radial symmetry. This project was quite appropriate for the Minshall House, built by Quakers over 200 years ago. As Media Elementary School art teacher Karen Bellamy explained to her students, “PA Germans were able to leave their homeland and settle in Pennsylvania because people of other religious backgrounds were welcomed in Pennsylvania by the Quakers.”

Media Historical Society is grateful for the support of students and teachers at Media Elementary School, photographer Paul Indorf, SANTA CLAUS, Rich Schiffer, Emily Zacharczyk, Paul Sheldon, and Julie Tyson, volunteers.

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