A Street Address for Minshall House

417 East Front Street, Media, PA

For the first time since Robert Vernon’s land grant was surveyed by William Penn’s surveyors in September 1682, a piece of that grant — the property where the Minshall House stands at the corner of East Front and Providence Road — has its own street address.

It wasn’t until the Borough of Media was incorporated and new streets were laid out that street numbers began to come into use in Media. Today a street address is required to make use of 911 services, and the U.S. Postal Service requires one for mail delivery. A number helps, also, for locating a property with a GPS app.

And now, after more than 300 years, the Minshall House has its very own — 417 East Front Street, Media, PA, 19063. Use it next time you want to send us mail or locate us on your favorite map program.

To learn about the fascinating history of street addresses in the Philadelphia area, see the article Street Numbering at the online Encyclopedia of Greater Philadelphia.

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